NIAZ [Netherlands Institute for Healthcare Accreditation] is a not-for-profit organization, headquartered in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of healthcare in The Netherlands and Belgium by supporting healthcare organizations in creating a sustainable culture of quality improvement. As to this, NIAZ chooses as its primary goal the accreditation of these organizations. We work with the internationally developed Qmentum Global Accreditation Program, tailored to the Dutch and Belgian markets.

NIAZ builds on a highly qualified team of senior advisors, who actively support the 135 health care organizations under contract. Around 200 well-trained surveyors, all active healthcare professionals, execute 30-50 surveys (site visits) per annum. Since NIAZ works from the vision of ‘learning from each other’, we encourage and enable all our stakeholders, most notably healthcare professionals and patients, to share their experiences. Only by working closely together, we can achieve the best care possible for all.

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3D-model (part of the NIAZ strategic plan 2017-2024)

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NIAZ-Qmentum accreditation program

Overview standard sets available in QI

Overview standards

NIAZ-Qmentum standard sets used by NIAZ for general hospitals/care organizations

General hospital standards

NIAZ-Qmentum standard sets used by NIAZ for mental health institutions

Standards mental health

Quality dimensions used in NIAZ-Qmentum assessments

Quality dimensions

NIAZ-Qmentum accreditation cycle

Accreditation cycle


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